Brock Arthur

Owner/Head Coach

Boxing is a tough, gritty sport. I feel it is competition in its purest form. You face off against another, one on one. You have to outthink, out maneuver and try to best your opponent.

A lot goes into the training. You have your coach(s) and sparring partners helping you prepare, but in the ring it’s all you. I've experienced the high of some big wins and the lows of some tough losses. You learn a lot about yourself and your capabilities.

You can go into the ring not liking an opponent. At the end of the fight, regardless of the outcome, you share a mutual respect for one another. It takes a lot to step through those ropes. The commitment and sacrifice to train for weeks or months on end, knowing you are going up against an opponent that is doing the same. An opponent that wants to win as much as you.

The love for the competition and sport is what makes owning a gym so enjoyable. Everybody comes in with a different end goal, but we are all there to become better versions of ourself.

In my opinion, a boxing workout is unmatched. It will get you in great shape, it allows you to release your stress and frustrations, you will grow in confidence. It allows you to push your boundaries, you will often push yourself further than you thought you were capable of.

Boxing has given me an outlet that has made my life better, through it I met the love of my life and we have a beautiful family together.

Everyday in the gym I get to experience the difference the sport and the workout is making in our members lives. Whether it’s getting them into better shape, teaching them a reliable form of self-defense, honing skills for an upcoming competition or just providing a community where people can come have fun and meet some new friends.

Boxing changed my life, drop into the gym and see what it does for yours.

Education, Experience & Certifications:
Fitness and Nutrition Diploma
Sports Administration Diploma
Voted #1 Personal Trainer in Ajax/Pickering
TBA Instructor Certification
Training For Warrior's Level 1 & 2 Instructor Certificate
Senior Fitness Certification
Indoor Cycling Certification
Children’s Fitness Coach Certificate
Pre and Post Natal Fitness Certificate
NCCP certified Boxing Coach
CASK certified Kickboxing Coach
Professional Boxer
Former Professional Mixed Martial Artist
Ultimate Generation Combat Veteran MMA
Former Ultimate Generation Combat Light-Heavyweight Champion MMA

Sarah Lo


Amateur Boxer
Ontario Golden Gloves Champion, 2017
Female Fighter of the Tournament, GG 2017
Fight of the Night Honours, GG 2016
Certified TBA Boxing Instructor
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Spin Instructor
Certified Pre and Post Natal Instructor, Fit 4 Two
Honours Film Production Diploma, Toronto Film School
B.A. Psychology/Sociology, University of Missouri
NCAA All-American Swimmer, MVP, Rookie of the Year, University of Missouri
Elite Level Competitive Swimmer, 1987-2004

Sandy Lo

Master' Coach

Certified TBA Boxing Instructor
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Spin Instructor
Certified Seniors Instructor

Michelle Chee

Administrative Specialist

I am at my happiest when I am boxing. Nothing beats a great workout! Especially when you have an amazing team that pushes you, and an awesome gym to work out of.

When I am not boxing. I am an Administrative Specialist with over 15 years of experience in Marketing, Animation and now Sports and Fitness. Prior to joining Toronto Boxing Academy, I was managing the office for a marketing company in Toronto and coordinating with my counterparts in Vancouver, for 9 years.

My other passions include photography, cooking, baking and fencing; just to name a few. I have donated my photography to silent auctions for fundraisers and have volunteered for charitable causes such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada's Light the Night, CAMH's One Brave Night and the Hospice Vaughan Butterfly Memorial Release. I am currently working on a project with TBA that is targeted towards youth and fitness.

Tommy Vo


Boxing has helped me get through many hardships in my life. I've learned so much about the sport and all the people I've met through the sport. As a coach, we inspire and guide our students. We share ideas and perspectives to help our students learn, grow and reach their goals.

NCCP Certified Boxing Coach
TBA Certified Instructor

Rebecca Domm


I started working out at TBA in 2017. With no prior experience in boxing, my goal was to improve my overall health. I Quickly fell in love with the gym and the sport and made a goal to get in the ring and fight! Since achieving my goal I have fought in two tournaments and I am still working towards that big Win!

I went to school at George Brown College to study Behavioural Science, graduating with honours in 2015. I have been working with Community Living Toronto since graduating from school. I currently work as a Behavioural Services Consultant, in a specialized treatment program for children with developmental disabilities, utilizing Applied Behaviour Analysis principles and theories.

Outside of work and boxing, I love music and I am an avid concert goer.

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